Sunday, May 30, 2010

18.05.2010 Tuesday

Today was my first lecture class after Orientation Week which is study Microeconomics. The class started at 8am and end at 10am. The lecturer asked us to buy the “ECONOMICS” text book which is worth RM50. It is very expensive for me who does not have cash in hand right now. The lecturer also want us to download the lecturer notes and tutorials questions and print it out… The first chapter only also need to print out almost 50 pages and we have six chapter then need to print 300++ pages note. Morover, 300++ pages not included tutorials questions… Haiz… Have to spend a lots of money to the printer’s ink.. Want bankrupt already….T_T… And the lecturer very sombong one, I hate her…blek..=P

13.05.2010 Thursday

College had organized a Student Support Workshop that is compulsory for all students. It is started at 10am until 4pm. The lecturers taught us about the tertiary studies and study skills. The lecturers were nice and explain to us briefly but I’m still felt sleepy too…haha.. (Maybe I’m not sleep well last night)

12.05.2010 Wednesday

Today is College's Society Day.. I have not going on today..
Because my friend are not interested about Society...
So stay at home and play computer..

11.05.2010 Tuesday

** Emm, today went to College early too.. We have the “ Get-To-Know-You Session “… The DBF(Diploma in Banking & Finance) seniors were gave some briefing about DBF to us.. Some society members came into our hall and asked us to join them. The activities such as TT(Talentime Nite Auditions) & OO(Orientation Odyssey Nite Auditions) Night… I’m very interested in Music Society. I thought that someone who joining must have the basic knowledge about music instrumental, but not, it is open for all first learner that don’t know anything about instrumental. After lecturer had finished his/her talk, our class end on 12.30pm… That’s all in College 2day..^_^

10.05.2010 Monday

My first Orientation day in TAR College

** About one something, I went to my friend’s house. First time I talked a lots to her since we met up each others for many times. She is very talkative too. She can share a lots of her stories to me. But me too. I told her about my ambition, my wants and others.

** Our orientation started at 2pm. After we get our TAR College T-shirt and wore it up, we headed to College Hall and hearing to BIG persons to say out their speeches. It’s quite fresh and nice from the beginning because I’m new in the College. But after few minutes, I’m started feeling bored. They really talked a lots.=.= Haha.. And I keep on playing my handphone while they are speaking on the stage..

** We finished our Orientation day at 5pm. There was raining on that time. We made our Student ID Card at Cyber Center there. We waiting a long queue. The photo inside the card is taken when making. And I not yet stand by fully and the camera had just captured my photo. It is damn ugly… After that, we attended a e-Learning Course in Computer Room. After listening to the information given by teacher, we are going to answer 5 quizzes and the marks are recorded in our own student account. Luckily I score 5 out of 5 questions. Some others get 4 only..Hehe.. If scored 4 marks below are needed to repeat the quiz. After all are completed, we left school at about 6.30pm. When reached Damansara Damai, I went to work in my cousin’s office. I helped her until 9pm.I think. It is quite tired. After home, I talked a lots to my brother and sister until midnight about my first day in College….That’s all for 2day..!!!