Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a funny day!!!

2day is quite funny,
I enjoyed 2day very well~~

After school,
we went to eat at Seksyen 5, KD
for our lunch,
about 7 people...

we attended our coco,
joined the Chinese society,
erm, nothing to do actually,
the choir for Hari Guru cancelled already,
quite sad~~
Anyway, we end up our society by done
our Chemistry PEKA,
we chit-chat there..
very funny~~

After that,
when we are ready to go down to
Anjung Semarak Minda,
suddenly Marcus appeared in front of us..
he said he wanna change his shirts,
I took his funny photo at that moment..
really hilarious~~

After that, we joined badminton club,
but got wind,
so difficult to play it..
so we changed our direction,
we went and played congkak
( A nice Malay culture game )..

About 5.30pm,
we went back..

On the way home,
we done a funny actions..
Vincent and I shouted at Carina
who is sit behind his dad's motor...
this is my first experience..

Now i'm very tired~~
It time for me to rest..