Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singing contest :-(

I'm not going to participate
the singing contest...
Although I want to go,
but that is a lot of problems..
** How I go??
** Parent let you go??
** Are you really prepare to win in the contest??
** Have you done your homeworkss??

Actually I already think of the method
on how I go to Sungai Wang..
** follow my parent to Maluri
then take a train at KTM..

But in the early morning,
i still confused what I should step out..
There are a lot of questions in my mind..
Although all was prepared..( custom, transport.. etc)

But suddenly I heard what my brother said..
“ 每一次去参加都这么麻烦,为什么还要去呢??”
His talk made me more confused..
Should I go??
Finally I decided to go Maluri pasar
to help my parent..
(Maybe i'm not ready yet for the contest..:-( )

After the decision,
I suddenly felt " menyesal "..
But all is happened,
the time cant turn back..

At the moment,
I felt sad..
bad mood..

Nobody know my feelings,
and asking me why I sad with their smiling face..
who are them??
My sister and brother la..
Nobody comfort me, nobody share my sadness,
I felt my world gone..
And I started to cry..
I seldom cry,
I love to smile,
but this time tears come out and be my friend..
Noooo..stop it but cant..

After that,
I keep on silence..
I don't want to talk,
don't want to chat..

When they realized,
they only try to comfort me,
and said,
" Don't angry la,
don't sad la,
later i belanja you makan lah.."

I don't want eat lah..

But later on,
I try to comfort myself,
not to angry anyone who don't know
my feelings,
try to be happy,
but this all these things need time..

I hope I will not be sad for
all the time today..

Because tomorrow will
go up the stage to receive sijil
with my beloved friends..
It will be a cool moment for me..

Okla, I don't want to think
all the sad things again..

Anyway, thankz to everyone
who support me when
i decided to join in the contest
especially my dear friends..