Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm have such a long time not yet update my blog already,
Maybe I'm have no mood to write,
Maybe I'm totally very busy for working~~

Today as usual,
woke up at 6am,
(It is early for me, i'm not enough sleep...)
Need to fetch my aunt to pasar
to buy some vegetable & meat..

I walk and walk,
follow and follow,
nothing at there are interesting,
I have no mood,
maybe not sleep well last night..=.=

Just bought Nasi Lemak & Magazines to read..

When driving car back home,
I'm listening to One FM,
The DJ is asking that
Love one person without tellig is suffer
Break up with boyfriend is more suffer..??
* I think both also not suffer.. *
How you all think leh..??

I'm felt sleepy
when working,
but still need to work,
because today is my last day,
I need to hurry up and finish up some stuffs,
Felt sad when I need to leave the office,
no more fun when working,
no more leng zai to see,
no more car to drive,
no more anymore...T_T

still feel excited to
see my friends tomorrow,
hope have a fun day tomorrow~~

** Still felt lazy to update my blog **
** Carina, I updated my blog~~ haha

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

William Chan Blog

William Chan Blog

Smile every time every moment..^_^
It can let you live a happy life...
Good luck..!!