Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today felt not so bad..
My life filled up with a lot of joys and laughs
although I'm late to school..

So bad,
I'm overslept today..
About 6.50am only woke up..
Then hurry up and
asked brother to fetch me school..

Moral Period:
Just do exercises that teacher gave us..
Quite bored actually..

BM Period :
Although today got 3 BM periods,
But I enjoyed it today..
Teacher keep going talk her life,
about her husband when get angry..
Really fun..
I laughed happily until stomach got a bit pain..

Chemistry Period :
Got one period is no teaching..
So i went collected money from classmates
for ordering of photos..
I really gone mad when collecting money..

I went collected Pei Sze and Boon Yean's money,
the situation is really ridiculous,
both of them don't want speak at that time,
they are " fighting ",
who speak a word, then need to obey the another one..
so me and them made hand signal instead of speak..
really funny~~

After that, collected money from Sukhjit..
He should pay RM2,
then he kept going asked me that
he can pay RM1 or not,
Then i said no way,
" You should pay RM3 because of service tax.. "
Then he really give me the tax,
but really stingy lah,
give 5 cent...=.=
of course I don't want..

What a funny day today..