Thursday, July 15, 2010

THURSDAY Blues 17.05.2010

Yesterday i slept at 1am something
to rush my homework and
study for Grammar Test..
But I still can't completed all the
homework, this is because I'm
became so lazy to do homework...
Haiz, i hope i can change this bad habit..

Used a lots of time to do homework,
but I have a low marks in my
Grammar Test..(<30 per 40)
Haiz, actually I have a bit dissapointed on myself,
I should not waste a lot of time in doing
something that is not important..
I'm really weak in manage my timetable,
Now i only realised my 24 hours is not enough for me..

Dancing Competition is going to be held in 13 of August,
Now still on the beginning to plan the competition,
Dancing steps...
Arghh~ a lot of things to do..
Hope can prepare well la..

After having dancing class today,
I totally felt tired..
Haiz..I have no any mood for THURSDAY..

Tomorrow has 3 hours Quantitative Studies Lecture,
oh no, normally 2 hours I also want die already,
Tomorrow will be sleeping in lecture hall one la..
Hope faster passed Friday,
I want enjoy my weekends enough enough...!!!