Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great day..

10 June 2009

Ya, today is a fantastic day..
Today is celine's birthday,
We planned for this day
and wait for so long...

We went One Utama to celebrate
her birthday and a guy same birthday with him
and the guy who celine and I knew from camp..
He is Ryan Chong..

Today, i woke up early..
Then, wait for uncle to fetch me
to kota damansara bus stop..

Then we all gathered together,
we started our journey to One Utama..
We had a black and white party..
We all just wear black and white's T-shirts..

Then, after reached there,
We bought movie tickets..
We watched 17 again.
it really a good show..
very very nice..

Then we went to BIG APPLE
to eat donuts..
huhu, really delicious~~

After that,
Pei Sze, Carina, Zhen Shin and I
went bought a Tiramisu cake for
our cute celine and ryan..
We walked around the shopping centre
to find gift for celine..
huuuu, my legs are really killing me at that moment...

Pei Sze and I bought
shower foam for her,
hope she can always miss us
when she is bathing..

Then we went to play bowling.. nice..
i'm get the highest score.. 91..
hu, our total mark is 325,
add one more point is 326,
is my birthday..

Then we went eat our lunch at
BBQ Plaza,
quite nice....
we had our fun there..
really enjoy it...
After that, we eat birthday cake..
wow, so nice...!1!
when we sing birthday song to celine and ryan,
we like paparazzi and capture many photos
at that sweet moment..^_^

We about 19 friends to celebrate this birthday,
really big cast..
and birthday party like a wedding party..
we play them and we sang.
deng deng deng deng..
the wedding rythm..

Then the sweet moments coming to end..
we need to say good bye to one-U..
I really enjoyed it 2day..
We can gather 2gether to hav fun,
chit-chating, and many more..
really really really like it..

Then uncle fetch me to eat,
wow, the mee really nice..
we chit-chating at there,
so fun...

we go play American pool,
wow, really happy ah..
our results :
7 vs 8, 10 vs 3, 9 vs 6...
the left hand side one is my result..
really perfect..

After that, i went to play basketball shooting machine..
i cant believe i can shoot well..
because i'm very worst on it..
first round i scored 113,
the second round is 134..
Really unbelievable..
Well done, Mei Yee..^_^

Then, today is really very tired..
i sleep early..
about 11pm++..
i also enjoy my sleep..

That's all..
Wish all my friends can happy forever..

P/S: The photos and video will upload as soon as possible...