Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I typed my post just now,
but suddenly the firefox got problem,
Arghhh...stupid morzilla..
Erm, i typed so long just now,
and now i'm lazy to type it again la..

The post just now is talk about my feelings
in my heart towards something..

But this post i would like to talk about

I started not very like this guy,
no even to hate la..
He really not a good guy..( sorry to say that..)
I not dislike him at the beginning,
but i become more dislike due to your's pilih kasih..( pian bang)

I not like him cause he din't reply my msg,
ok, it's ok..nvm 1, he is not mine is yours..
but he also mengarut something to you..
i really beh tahan to him lo..

some more you said he pilih orang to sms,
this made me mad..
pilih orang?
he like to sms with something whose is pretty,
not annoying like me, rite??
then why he find me to chat,
and when i find him to chat,
he din't give me response..
i know this is a small matter,
but it is really very disappointed lo,
although i'm not very close with him,
but he should reply my msg,
he is not respect me as his friend..
(he never think i'm his fren gua, nvm lo,
i'm not a important person...)

i dislike the person who is not respect his/her friends lo..
And you still asking me why i'm very hate him??
you din't care my feelings at all..
Sad..... :-(

But i'm just saying out my opinion,
hope you don't mind it..