Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday^_^

I want to say
" Happy Birthday, Keat "
Wish your dreams come true
and happy 4ever..

celebrated wai keat/lou dou's
at his house..
wow, i really enjoyed it..

Who celebrated it??
Sure me, Carina, Sze, Celine, Yean,
Kit, Siong, Yap, M.Chung, Y.Kang, J.Wei,
R-Bin, Cafflin, Marcus, My sister & brother..
Ya, many friends celebrated his birthday,
I'm very happy bcause we can gather 2gether,
I love my " family "..


Erm, i should went lou dou's hse with Carina,
but I need to take care my nephew, Jayden
for few hours, ( really tired when take care a baby)
so, i'm late...
My cousin sister( Jayden's mummy) fetch me there..
When i'm reached there,
Carina and his sister have been there..
After chit-chat a while,
me, Carina, Cafflin, Kit, R-Bin, Yap, Siong, Marcus and Keat,
BBQ first...( dun wan wait Yean and others liao..^^ )
We had a lot of funs when BBQ,
i dunno what we had chit-chat already,
R-Bin laugh louder like a Evil monster..

Then we keep asking where Yean and others go..
Kit said: " 雯燕在种香茅,在等香茅发芽"
wahaha..we laughed..
I had few years dint BBQ lo,
then the first sausage i fried,
almost hangus liao..

After 10 minutes,
all of us gathered 2gether already,
we chit-chat 2gether..
We sending marcus's "porn" video each others,
haha..marcus, you died la, i will upload soon..

After ate,
We took photo 2gether,
First is Tai po and her family,
Next is our family,
we took a lots of photos,
many cameras captured a group of people,
we act like artists..
( nice)

Then, we played games,
frog frog game,
Oh god, i ate two bitterguard already,
so pity ah, pahit betul,
M.chung keep ate bitterguard at 1st 3 rounds,
we laughed like mad,

Then we played 国王游戏,
Yean very lucky,
be the 1st King,
then she gave a order,
keat and sze very got jodoh,
they need to hug hug..
haha, so funny!!
then keat is very lucky,
he always get order from King,
haha..!! ^_^

We had fun until 12am++,
then all need to go home to sleep lo,
very tired tired ah..
I really enjoyed it..

Happy Birthday
to Wai Keat..