Monday, September 27, 2010

My first day of 2nd Semester

Ohya,today i started my 2nd Semester~
The holiday really passed so fast~
I really miss my holiday~

Today sleep until 9am only wake up~
I got my 1st English Class at 10.30am..
Only my group(DBF3) got class today,
so bad..!! If today no class,
still can rest one more day~

I thought today i'm the late person
go to school because I went out late,
but suddenly heard a sound that is
calling my name~
haha, rupa-rupanya is Esther, Suky and Xin Keo~
They are late too~ Haha.

But after that, we four thought we are the last people to
go inside the class,
but not, they are still have Parveen, Jeffrey, Yuan Xue,
Kian Hong and Jeriel~
all din't go class punctually~ haha~

The English teacher is okay la,
like to talk many and ask many questions.
Overall, waste RM25 for English textbook~ haiz..

After class, we went to JUSCO~ Yeah~
Thanks Jia Yie who fetched us go Jusco~
We had our lunch at McDonald~
Haiz, McD again~ haha
Then we go supermarket~
They are so pro in cooking, especially Suky and Kar Chien,
bought many ingredients~
I relly have no idea to buy something in market lo~
since I still not good in cooking~ haha

About 2pm, we went back to College..
Then I online in Cyber Centre~
2 something sit until now,
it's raining outside~
I cant go home~
Don't know what can i do here..
Some more can't watch any videos in youtube
and drama in pendrive~