Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Life~~

Erm, long time din't write blog already..
Felt lazy to write it..( Hehe^^)

28 of March,
is my school's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and PIBG,
I went to school with Wai Keat,
Carina and Chun Kit went too..
Quite happy can get sijil and money,
(I get highest in Chinese and Moral paper,
so i can get 2 sijil on that day...)

Yesterday I had off my house's lights to support
the Earth Hour..
I think this event is quite nice,
we can save our earth,
and i saw many people are following
to switch off the lights.. yeah!!

And today, about 4.30pm,
went meet with Carina,
to practice singing for competition
which is coming on this Tuesday..
( so scare, not yet finish practice...)
We sing S.H.E's song...
Hope can have a good performance at that day...
After that played american pool with uncle ben,
yeah, i won!! 8-7.. damn geng!!

Erm, tomorrow my dearest friend
are going to have a driving test,
she can drive soon..
Yean, gambateh and good luck!!
After you can drive, remember
fetch me to everywhere to
of course is " kao zai " la..
(haha.. just kidding...)

The first Mac test is finished..
Almost all the paper already get back..
This time my results are quite bad,
hope can improve in the next exam..

Add Maths-95
Biology-58( too careless)
Sejarah-60(luckily can pass..din't do any revision on it)