Saturday, April 18, 2009

Currently watching : 逆风18
Quite a nice series movie...

Erm, today i had my co-co day,
We had kawad kaki,
now i only really really realized
that our Pandu Puteri in my school
are very lembik..( include me la..)

I gave commands today,
felt panic..
Because maybe it is the first time..
Always hear commands from commander only..

After co-co, Me, Carina, Celine and Vincent
went to our primary school together,
we met Pei Ting there..( top scorer in every subjects..geng!!)
And met Tai Po, Jessie and "Grandpa"- K.Siong there..

Long time din't go back,
a lot of changes in the school..
just felt we became a giant there,
all is little students there..
The canteen, still a lot of foods to eat,
but like the table seen is very small..
A lot of memories there,
our tomyam and maggie mee...