Sunday, March 1, 2009

First time blogging here~~

Hai, everybody!!!
This is the 1st blog i post here..
Welcome to my world of blog,
I hope all of u can enjoy reading my blog...

Actually I started my blogging way in msn,
but too lack 4 me to write my blog in it,
so I chosen blogspot to record my daily newz..

I will continue post my blog if i can,
if sometimes bz,
tat mayb late to post my blog...

This month is my birthday month,
so i started my journey from now on..

i quite tired 2day coz helped my mum sold vege,
omg, i need to woke up at bout 6am,
it really gonna kill me at tat time,
i'm felt sleepy leh..

Bt it is no choice,
juz woke up n washed my face,
huu, so cold the water in the morning..

After few hrs in working,
my sister n I go cc to play game..

Bt juz a mini game downloaded from PlayFirst,
we compete 2gether,
see whether who can win in the game..

wao, my sister can fight me in the same level leh,
it is so impossible,
coz she quite lemah in play game than me,
bt luckily i won her a bit in tat game,
really a bit oni,
i won 4 trophies n she won 3 trophies,
it is such a nice game..

Exam is coming soon,
i wish all my fren can get flying colours result in all coming exams,
add oil add oil...

Okla, see you all soon..

Wrote by Yee-Christine..