Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sexual Harassment

Oh damn..
somebody added me just now
in msn,
and I just accepted it
without noticed his profile..

Then i asked who was him..
After that, he said:
" You will know me after you see me.. "
I thought that i knew him, maybe..
Then just accepted his video call..

Oh my godness..
when i did it..
I saw he was masturbating..
Oh's bullshit..
Really disgusting..
Almost wanted to vomit...

So guys, be aware of this freaky guy..
His email address is ""..
Maybe I will report to police..
( Haha..kidding lah..)


Started help my cousin sister in her office
Erm, do what a general clerk to do..
Quite nice,
and will not feel very tired..
Because always sit in the office..
Learn record invoice, mark invoice and many many things..

My life...


Today went to one utama with friends..
No need to school..??
Haha..actually is ponteng lah..
PMR is processing mah..
then we don't want disturb them..

Our purpose there is want to buy contact lens..
But, first,
we went sing karaoke at Neway..
Neway is quite ok too..
but the system is not that good..
always lag..haha..^_^
Sing about 3 hours..
Eat a lot of food..

Then we went buy a ring..

After that, we only went to buy contact lens..
After bought, Carina and I try to wear it at there..
Actually feel a bit nervous,
because this is the 1st time mah..
I spent within 15 minutes to wear,
Then Carina spent one hour to wear it,
her hand still shaking from started to wear..
( don't know why..??!! )

Then I waiting her there..
And walk around..
Then wear the sunglasses and take few photos there..

Then we go buy something..
We went home about 6.00pm++...

After bought the contact lens,
I felt a bit regret..
not because it difficult to wear,
is because i bought wrong already..
I should that one got " shan guang " de,
See everything in blur,
I think I will go change it..


P/S: Erm, don't know why my computer can't upload photos in blogspot..
I will upload photos in facebook..anyone want to take a look, please add me
in facebook,