Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yea, I enjoyed this show so much~~
This is the first time I watched it in LIVE~~

Erm, I'm reached there about 7.30pm++,
Then my sister, brother and I cross the field,
passed by the Artist's camp..
Really want to shout them out..

After that, we found a good place to watch..
We stood outside the audience seats..
Because din't buy tickets..
LOL =)

First, Many Dato talk their speeches,
very bored..
Feel proud to saw Datosss...

The artist's show started at 9.00pm++,
I'm feel high,
glad and pleasure..
( shout~~ )

Although stand so far from the stage,
but still enjoyed it " highly "...

Stood there and took some photos
with brother and sister..

When the show is almost end,
Sister and I go nearer the stage..
This was a short distance with artists..
That I never had before~~

Artists' show was really really great,
they dance and sing..
They got 3 themes..

1st- free show
2nd- old fashion
3rd- summer hot

Their performances really best
and 100% good..

I Love You all~~
Especilly Andrew, Aric Ho,Yise and Ming Li..

Andrew- really very leng zai lah..
saw him in short distance..
wow, love you~~

Aric Ho- My sister and I took photo with him..
He is very nice..and I shake hand with him..

Yise- When she ready to left,
she waved her hand to me..
wow..really happy lah...

Ming Li- Yea, she also waved her hand to me..

After that, we watched firework..
I felt so high today~~
Hope can have another chance to enjoy this kind of show..

Then go home luu..
At about 11.30pm++..
Bye bye