Friday, July 31, 2009




Hari Kokurikulum (31 of July)

" Senamrobik Bervariasi "...
That's why i don't have time to write blog
and upload some photos for the previous event..
Start from Monday, I have to stay at school until 6.45pm
to practice the senamrobik..
What a tired week!!!
We need to dance the senamrobik for 8 minutes..
So all of body is almost want patah..
All the step we created 2gether..
( Me, Celine, Yean and Zakiah )


Erm, wake up early at about 5.30am..
( A message from Celine woke me up.. >.< )
Then, still early then i on the computer
for fun lo..
When 6.10 am, i started to prepare myself to school..
I reached school at about 7.10am..
Many students around there already..
Almost all the form 3 " di di " reached already..
And almost all my friends there except Yean..

Then started assembly when the bell ring..
I'm so nervous in the morning because of the senamrobik..
Then me, Yean and Celine made some decorations on our body..
After queue up,
started 1st pertunjukan - taekwando..
It is a really cool performance..
Then is silat..
but the weather is not our expected..
when the silat performance begins,
it started rain....................................
Everybody ran away..
we escaped to Anjung Semarak..

After that, we waiting the rain stop..
All ahli Pandu Puteri assembly together and
practice for the last time..
When 8am++, the competition start..

The 1st group is Kadet Polis,
they imitated Michael Jackson..
They chose " Beat it " as their background sound..
Nice performance~~

The second group is Puteri Islam,
they chose " Pala Pala Sakura " as background sound..
Nice song and good performance..

Next is Pengakap..
Erm, i'm not really what song they had chose..
Their performance nice too..

Then is Kadet Remaja Sekolah( KRS)
They done well in their performance..
all look so semangat!!

Next is PBSM,
their two background music are Malay song..
Actually before they chose " Don't stop the music "..
This song is really rock!!
But they changed it to malay song..

The last group is Pandu Puteri,
my group..
really feel nervous at that moment..
I got do a bit mistake when performance..
Anyway, we done our good performance..
Thankz to all my ahli Pandu Puteri,
You all really cooperative..
Really love you all..
Especially Celine, Yean and Zakiah..
We done a good job~~

The result come out at about 10am++,
1st - Kadet Remaja Sekolah ( KRS )
2nd - Kadet Polis
3rd - Puteri Islam

** Although we din't get any place in this competition,
but i enjoyed it.. Win or lose is not important, the important thing is
we done a good job 2gether..
We really put a lot effort in it..
I'm stay at school after school until 6.45pm
from Monday to Thursday...Really tired..
2day, after school, went back earlier,
I got a bit " tak biasa "..haha.. **

After senamrobik,
Kit, Fabian, Jun Wei and Yew Hong
perform " Yo Yo Cina "..(扯铃)
I thought they cant performance 2day
because of raining..
but luckily they done it..
I expected it..
They done a great performance..
All really handsome..hehe!!!
** Don't know why Fabian delete the video of their performance
captured by his phone???!!! All of us keep blame him at that time.. **
** Hope can upload the video lah.. Blogspot is not easy to upload oh..
But still need get the video from my brother- Z.Shin **
( P/S : My dearest bro, please drink lots water lah, i scare you sick ah,
take care yourself... )

After ate,
start Penyampaian Sijil,
I as a wakil to take sijil Badminton..
Then get another sijil for Bahasa Cina..
I din't get any sijil in Pandu Puteri,
teacher made mistake,
teacher thought me and Celine already get sijil camp
then she gave others the sijil..
But teacher said later will give us..hehe..^^

There are a lot good performances 2day,
Afiq and Joy took part in dancing..
Both of them dance well.. Cool~~

Then Bryan, Wan Li and Kok Wai
took part in drama-ing..
They act well.. Good job..

At about 12pm++,
we chit chat at a corner lo..
quite tired at that moment..
waiting for bus..

All went home after event..
Felt happy because got took part in competition
in my last year in school..

Happy Birthday to Yew Yin..
Love you.. <3

- The end -

** 今天一切都结束了,要恢复正常的生活了 **

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Ya, long time din't write blog..

English society organized
a Treasure Hunt 2day...
Ya, I'm joined it..
with Carina, Yean, Sze and Keat..
We are one team..
Our group name is..............

Before start, actually i got a bit nervous,
I scared we cant solve the problem,
really, nervous...

We start the game on 2.30pm++,
We get a clue from the beginning..
" Abode of Abdul Samad Said "
Don't know the name spell right or not..
he is a writer..
After we read the clue,
we all just rush to the library..
Omg, what the fish( R- Bin taught us de..)
Library at 4th floor,
Everyone suffer in breath..haha..

Then, after we get another clue,
we rush to the canteen..
" There has table and chair..
We can treat our stomachache there.."
Firstly we thought is bilik kesihatan,
but smart Wai Keat said it should be Canteen..
Then we rush to another direction to canteen..
Ooo, we slow already...

Then, another location is SAL room,
we need to solve crossword puzzle..
Oh god, we think and think,
finally we got the answers and
pass up the paper,
we are the fast one..!!

After that, we had a game at Anjung,
We need to spin our body by pointing the finger on floor
in 10 times,
it is quite difficult..
hey, we should not rush lah..
spin faster and we pengsan faster..
Yean is the 1st person passed the game..
After spinned the body, then cross the chair,
craw under the table and eat bitter gourd ( sap sap sui la )..
When I spinned my body until the 9 times,
I thought I spinned 10 already,
but the stupid teacher said 9 only,
then I break the rule and need to spin again..
really what the fish!!!
( I almost spinned 20++ times la..what the stupid teacher done for me)
I hate the teacher most la..a new teacher..but dumb..
heng>.< )

After that, we need to go SAL room again to find books..
we get slow in this section..
I'm sorry I cant do well in this section..
Yeah, finally end the game..
( Maybe we get no3..but still don't know the result la..)

This treasure hunt really test our knowledge and body strength,
we need to run everywhere..
huuu..really tired..

But i enjoyed it..!!!

After that, we went chit chat in Mc Donald,
talk talk talk about 2 hrs lo..
we also do homework at there..
really enjoyable..

thanks my friends
because gave me a good experienc
in treasure hunt in this school..
( 1st time joined in this school..)

~ Friedship 4ver

(P/S : Keat fell down after spinned his body..haha.. I need to hold
him but cant...haha..Ooops..sorry keat...wahaha...)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009






Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday^_^

I want to say
" Happy Birthday, Keat "
Wish your dreams come true
and happy 4ever..

celebrated wai keat/lou dou's
at his house..
wow, i really enjoyed it..

Who celebrated it??
Sure me, Carina, Sze, Celine, Yean,
Kit, Siong, Yap, M.Chung, Y.Kang, J.Wei,
R-Bin, Cafflin, Marcus, My sister & brother..
Ya, many friends celebrated his birthday,
I'm very happy bcause we can gather 2gether,
I love my " family "..


Erm, i should went lou dou's hse with Carina,
but I need to take care my nephew, Jayden
for few hours, ( really tired when take care a baby)
so, i'm late...
My cousin sister( Jayden's mummy) fetch me there..
When i'm reached there,
Carina and his sister have been there..
After chit-chat a while,
me, Carina, Cafflin, Kit, R-Bin, Yap, Siong, Marcus and Keat,
BBQ first...( dun wan wait Yean and others liao..^^ )
We had a lot of funs when BBQ,
i dunno what we had chit-chat already,
R-Bin laugh louder like a Evil monster..

Then we keep asking where Yean and others go..
Kit said: " 雯燕在种香茅,在等香茅发芽"
wahaha..we laughed..
I had few years dint BBQ lo,
then the first sausage i fried,
almost hangus liao..

After 10 minutes,
all of us gathered 2gether already,
we chit-chat 2gether..
We sending marcus's "porn" video each others,
haha..marcus, you died la, i will upload soon..

After ate,
We took photo 2gether,
First is Tai po and her family,
Next is our family,
we took a lots of photos,
many cameras captured a group of people,
we act like artists..
( nice)

Then, we played games,
frog frog game,
Oh god, i ate two bitterguard already,
so pity ah, pahit betul,
M.chung keep ate bitterguard at 1st 3 rounds,
we laughed like mad,

Then we played 国王游戏,
Yean very lucky,
be the 1st King,
then she gave a order,
keat and sze very got jodoh,
they need to hug hug..
haha, so funny!!
then keat is very lucky,
he always get order from King,
haha..!! ^_^

We had fun until 12am++,
then all need to go home to sleep lo,
very tired tired ah..
I really enjoyed it..

Happy Birthday
to Wai Keat..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy to write blog recently..
Want to post Kem Tekali's blog..
But later lah..


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singing contest :-(

I'm not going to participate
the singing contest...
Although I want to go,
but that is a lot of problems..
** How I go??
** Parent let you go??
** Are you really prepare to win in the contest??
** Have you done your homeworkss??

Actually I already think of the method
on how I go to Sungai Wang..
** follow my parent to Maluri
then take a train at KTM..

But in the early morning,
i still confused what I should step out..
There are a lot of questions in my mind..
Although all was prepared..( custom, transport.. etc)

But suddenly I heard what my brother said..
“ 每一次去参加都这么麻烦,为什么还要去呢??”
His talk made me more confused..
Should I go??
Finally I decided to go Maluri pasar
to help my parent..
(Maybe i'm not ready yet for the contest..:-( )

After the decision,
I suddenly felt " menyesal "..
But all is happened,
the time cant turn back..

At the moment,
I felt sad..
bad mood..

Nobody know my feelings,
and asking me why I sad with their smiling face..
who are them??
My sister and brother la..
Nobody comfort me, nobody share my sadness,
I felt my world gone..
And I started to cry..
I seldom cry,
I love to smile,
but this time tears come out and be my friend..
Noooo..stop it but cant..

After that,
I keep on silence..
I don't want to talk,
don't want to chat..

When they realized,
they only try to comfort me,
and said,
" Don't angry la,
don't sad la,
later i belanja you makan lah.."

I don't want eat lah..

But later on,
I try to comfort myself,
not to angry anyone who don't know
my feelings,
try to be happy,
but this all these things need time..

I hope I will not be sad for
all the time today..

Because tomorrow will
go up the stage to receive sijil
with my beloved friends..
It will be a cool moment for me..

Okla, I don't want to think
all the sad things again..

Anyway, thankz to everyone
who support me when
i decided to join in the contest
especially my dear friends..