Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Life~~

Erm, long time din't write blog already..
Felt lazy to write it..( Hehe^^)

28 of March,
is my school's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and PIBG,
I went to school with Wai Keat,
Carina and Chun Kit went too..
Quite happy can get sijil and money,
(I get highest in Chinese and Moral paper,
so i can get 2 sijil on that day...)

Yesterday I had off my house's lights to support
the Earth Hour..
I think this event is quite nice,
we can save our earth,
and i saw many people are following
to switch off the lights.. yeah!!

And today, about 4.30pm,
went meet with Carina,
to practice singing for competition
which is coming on this Tuesday..
( so scare, not yet finish practice...)
We sing S.H.E's song...
Hope can have a good performance at that day...
After that played american pool with uncle ben,
yeah, i won!! 8-7.. damn geng!!

Erm, tomorrow my dearest friend
are going to have a driving test,
she can drive soon..
Yean, gambateh and good luck!!
After you can drive, remember
fetch me to everywhere to
of course is " kao zai " la..
(haha.. just kidding...)

The first Mac test is finished..
Almost all the paper already get back..
This time my results are quite bad,
hope can improve in the next exam..

Add Maths-95
Biology-58( too careless)
Sejarah-60(luckily can pass..din't do any revision on it)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My happy journey...

17 of March

2day i went out with my sister and brother,
We go Cineleisure, Ikano, The Curve....
We had our fun there, so nice!!!

Before go shopping,
We ate our lunch at a restaurant...
We three people used many money in it,
Cost about RM21.20..(omg~~ what you all ate oh??? ) My cute sister....
Then start our journey...
We first went watched movie,
Coz don't no which movie are nice,
So we just watch the " Dragonball Evolution"
( My brother want to watch it de... =.= )

Actually the movie quite o k la,
but just like a simple movie lo,
no excitement in it..
luckily the main actor is so handsome,
if not, i think i will sleep in the cinema..
wahaha..( but i don't have this experience before la )
But someone had it,
you guys know who is she??
She is.....( secret la!!! )

After that, we went played American Pool,
wao, we had fun there..
i got in 9 balls but miss two marks ( coz i'm got in the white balls twice)
I'm the winner.. wakaka...

Then, we went played bowling,
walao, so active la you all..
( although i'm sick...)
My perfomance really good ah,
i'm the winner again,
I get 102 marks,
really break record ah,
this is the 1st time i get higher mark...

After that, we went Popular,
( huh? so rajin..)
no la, just jalan-jalan only...

At the moment, we received our dad's call,
ask whether we go home eat dinner or not..
o k fine, later we go home to eat
coz no money liao...wuwu..
( but actually 2day i din spend my money...)

So, after Popular,
we went played basketball in the Echo Park..
wao, nice!!
I love it..
Next time want go again liao...

is the time go back home,
the jam is shown that time is 7 o clock already,
so my enjoyable journey is gone to the end...

(P/S: don't no why can't upload photo... upload soon..)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sesi penggambaran..kaza^^

Erm, 2day is nothing happened la,
juz tis two days have sesi penggambaran,
take photo..keke..
Tuesday we took the class photo,
we are the 1st class to take the photo,
coz senior ma..hehe..
Then, 2day i took photo 4 unit beruniform,
i'm a Pandu Puteri...
i hope i can learn more to become a leader in the unit beruniform...

Erm, i need to stop writing now la..
my mum is scolding me nw..
membebel me again la,
wan off computer la..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My life 2day!!

2 of March

I having my supper ytd,
a fried fish called 奶油非洲,
wao, very delicious and appetizing...!!
The fish is took by my sister from the
Restaurant LYJ- she works there...
Go eat it at the restaurant in sg.buloh,
very famous one..!!! ( proud~~ )

Erm, woke up at 6 o clock more in the morning,
still feel sleepy,
coz i slept at 3am ytd,
walao, so gila..
really have many homeworks ah,
do until midnight,
very very tired,
but luckily la,
can finished " them "...

The 1st lesson 2day is Sivik,
the useless subject,
waste my time oni..
i dun wan stay boring in the class,
so yin yung and I went told teacher tat we
wan to decorate the board of Pandu Puteri...

After tat, we went class to attend my BM class,
but on the way, we met our friendly teacher,
Puan Haznidah..
She told yin yung tat she terpilih to join the negeri camp,
wao, such a gud news for her...
but she decided not going there coz the exam is coming,
the camp held within 5 days from 3 of March,
it really not enough time to study if go join the camp,
but tis is really ke xi la,
it is a gud oppurtunity leh!!!
Pieu vee...

Then, we discuss the BM tropical test at class,
bincang about Rumusan,
wao, i can score 27 per 30,
it such gud newz for me,
gambateh!!! ( haha~~)

After recess i having my bio lesson,
they do the experiment while we all chinese chit-chat
at the next side.. wakaka.. so shuang~~
Teacher told us need to bring cockroach and worm at the next lesson,
worm is more easier to get it, but the lipas...
who can help me to find it..
any suggestions tat where can i find the dirty lipas...???!!!

After school, we talk about the *7676*
a guy tat i hate so much,
i haven't hate a person for so long,
bt he really very disgusting!!!
yuck!! i hate him>>>
This is the 1st time i saw this kind of ppl,
he can walk like a kangaroo,
really memalukan,
omg!!! ( hahahahahahaha!!! )

Sunday, March 1, 2009

First time blogging here~~

Hai, everybody!!!
This is the 1st blog i post here..
Welcome to my world of blog,
I hope all of u can enjoy reading my blog...

Actually I started my blogging way in msn,
but too lack 4 me to write my blog in it,
so I chosen blogspot to record my daily newz..

I will continue post my blog if i can,
if sometimes bz,
tat mayb late to post my blog...

This month is my birthday month,
so i started my journey from now on..

i quite tired 2day coz helped my mum sold vege,
omg, i need to woke up at bout 6am,
it really gonna kill me at tat time,
i'm felt sleepy leh..

Bt it is no choice,
juz woke up n washed my face,
huu, so cold the water in the morning..

After few hrs in working,
my sister n I go cc to play game..

Bt juz a mini game downloaded from PlayFirst,
we compete 2gether,
see whether who can win in the game..

wao, my sister can fight me in the same level leh,
it is so impossible,
coz she quite lemah in play game than me,
bt luckily i won her a bit in tat game,
really a bit oni,
i won 4 trophies n she won 3 trophies,
it is such a nice game..

Exam is coming soon,
i wish all my fren can get flying colours result in all coming exams,
add oil add oil...

Okla, see you all soon..

Wrote by Yee-Christine..