Monday, September 28, 2009

Mc Donald

Haha..I really enjoy this holidays..
Will never forget it..
Because i'm work in Mc Donald..

First day,
really done many mistakes..
due to not very understand the process
in Mc Donald..

My work position is at Drive Thru,
erm, quite nice..
but will felt bored if stay there longer time..
I prefer do runner Drive Thru,
The Tsunami movegues..
haha..really funny..
I very very enjoy it..
Miss them so much..
They as on everyday..
I really scare the phone bill..
I can't imagine if the bill payment is RM100..
My salary will cut off a bit..
Oh no...

SPM is around the corner..
All my friends and SPM candidates,
Gambateh on your examination..
GO GO GO....!!!!

** I collected one pink Coke Glass..still don't know
want to collect others colour or money..=.=

Friday, September 11, 2009


I like this photo...haha..^^
You know who is them...??
Ans..Wai Keat and Pei Sze<3