Friday, July 31, 2009




Hari Kokurikulum (31 of July)

" Senamrobik Bervariasi "...
That's why i don't have time to write blog
and upload some photos for the previous event..
Start from Monday, I have to stay at school until 6.45pm
to practice the senamrobik..
What a tired week!!!
We need to dance the senamrobik for 8 minutes..
So all of body is almost want patah..
All the step we created 2gether..
( Me, Celine, Yean and Zakiah )


Erm, wake up early at about 5.30am..
( A message from Celine woke me up.. >.< )
Then, still early then i on the computer
for fun lo..
When 6.10 am, i started to prepare myself to school..
I reached school at about 7.10am..
Many students around there already..
Almost all the form 3 " di di " reached already..
And almost all my friends there except Yean..

Then started assembly when the bell ring..
I'm so nervous in the morning because of the senamrobik..
Then me, Yean and Celine made some decorations on our body..
After queue up,
started 1st pertunjukan - taekwando..
It is a really cool performance..
Then is silat..
but the weather is not our expected..
when the silat performance begins,
it started rain....................................
Everybody ran away..
we escaped to Anjung Semarak..

After that, we waiting the rain stop..
All ahli Pandu Puteri assembly together and
practice for the last time..
When 8am++, the competition start..

The 1st group is Kadet Polis,
they imitated Michael Jackson..
They chose " Beat it " as their background sound..
Nice performance~~

The second group is Puteri Islam,
they chose " Pala Pala Sakura " as background sound..
Nice song and good performance..

Next is Pengakap..
Erm, i'm not really what song they had chose..
Their performance nice too..

Then is Kadet Remaja Sekolah( KRS)
They done well in their performance..
all look so semangat!!

Next is PBSM,
their two background music are Malay song..
Actually before they chose " Don't stop the music "..
This song is really rock!!
But they changed it to malay song..

The last group is Pandu Puteri,
my group..
really feel nervous at that moment..
I got do a bit mistake when performance..
Anyway, we done our good performance..
Thankz to all my ahli Pandu Puteri,
You all really cooperative..
Really love you all..
Especially Celine, Yean and Zakiah..
We done a good job~~

The result come out at about 10am++,
1st - Kadet Remaja Sekolah ( KRS )
2nd - Kadet Polis
3rd - Puteri Islam

** Although we din't get any place in this competition,
but i enjoyed it.. Win or lose is not important, the important thing is
we done a good job 2gether..
We really put a lot effort in it..
I'm stay at school after school until 6.45pm
from Monday to Thursday...Really tired..
2day, after school, went back earlier,
I got a bit " tak biasa "..haha.. **

After senamrobik,
Kit, Fabian, Jun Wei and Yew Hong
perform " Yo Yo Cina "..(扯铃)
I thought they cant performance 2day
because of raining..
but luckily they done it..
I expected it..
They done a great performance..
All really handsome..hehe!!!
** Don't know why Fabian delete the video of their performance
captured by his phone???!!! All of us keep blame him at that time.. **
** Hope can upload the video lah.. Blogspot is not easy to upload oh..
But still need get the video from my brother- Z.Shin **
( P/S : My dearest bro, please drink lots water lah, i scare you sick ah,
take care yourself... )

After ate,
start Penyampaian Sijil,
I as a wakil to take sijil Badminton..
Then get another sijil for Bahasa Cina..
I din't get any sijil in Pandu Puteri,
teacher made mistake,
teacher thought me and Celine already get sijil camp
then she gave others the sijil..
But teacher said later will give us..hehe..^^

There are a lot good performances 2day,
Afiq and Joy took part in dancing..
Both of them dance well.. Cool~~

Then Bryan, Wan Li and Kok Wai
took part in drama-ing..
They act well.. Good job..

At about 12pm++,
we chit chat at a corner lo..
quite tired at that moment..
waiting for bus..

All went home after event..
Felt happy because got took part in competition
in my last year in school..

Happy Birthday to Yew Yin..
Love you.. <3

- The end -

** 今天一切都结束了,要恢复正常的生活了 **