Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today 14.07.2010

I having busy life in College now~
Every weeks got exam and presentation...
But I'm still can stand all those stuffs
because I have a lots of friends can
help me..!!

I just taken my Introduction to Accounting(IA) today,
Erm, not so easy and not so hard..
Hope I can pass it..!! ^_^
I really felt nervous when having the test,
my hands really shaking,
because this is the first time I took Accounts subject...

Hmm, tommorrow will be Grammar Test..
Haiz, I very weak in Grammar one.. God, please help me..!!
Wish me Good Luck ba...!!! ^_^

Hmm, maybe this Sunday I will be going to Genting
to watch the show - Da.Mon.Ster Party Time,
hehe, also have my idol oh, KahJun...!!
Who want to join..?? Let's go ba..!!