Thursday, March 19, 2009

My happy journey...

17 of March

2day i went out with my sister and brother,
We go Cineleisure, Ikano, The Curve....
We had our fun there, so nice!!!

Before go shopping,
We ate our lunch at a restaurant...
We three people used many money in it,
Cost about RM21.20..(omg~~ what you all ate oh??? ) My cute sister....
Then start our journey...
We first went watched movie,
Coz don't no which movie are nice,
So we just watch the " Dragonball Evolution"
( My brother want to watch it de... =.= )

Actually the movie quite o k la,
but just like a simple movie lo,
no excitement in it..
luckily the main actor is so handsome,
if not, i think i will sleep in the cinema..
wahaha..( but i don't have this experience before la )
But someone had it,
you guys know who is she??
She is.....( secret la!!! )

After that, we went played American Pool,
wao, we had fun there..
i got in 9 balls but miss two marks ( coz i'm got in the white balls twice)
I'm the winner.. wakaka...

Then, we went played bowling,
walao, so active la you all..
( although i'm sick...)
My perfomance really good ah,
i'm the winner again,
I get 102 marks,
really break record ah,
this is the 1st time i get higher mark...

After that, we went Popular,
( huh? so rajin..)
no la, just jalan-jalan only...

At the moment, we received our dad's call,
ask whether we go home eat dinner or not..
o k fine, later we go home to eat
coz no money liao...wuwu..
( but actually 2day i din spend my money...)

So, after Popular,
we went played basketball in the Echo Park..
wao, nice!!
I love it..
Next time want go again liao...

is the time go back home,
the jam is shown that time is 7 o clock already,
so my enjoyable journey is gone to the end...

(P/S: don't no why can't upload photo... upload soon..)