Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunway Lagoon & The Garden

First time went Sunway Lagoon with
my beloved best friends..
Boon Yean~
(Thanks a lot to Yean..Love you so much)
Pei Sze~
Wai Keat~
Chun Kit~
Kuan Siong~
Mun Choong~

I really enjoyed it..
It's really fantastic~
I get a lots of fun
when playing with my friends~

About 8am++,
Gathered with friends,
Finally met Kit with a botak head,
Although he has a bit hair now,
but still handsome..

We ate dim sum as our breakfast,
chit-chat a lots with friends...
After paid the bill,
then we start our journey to
** Really thanks a lot to Yean
who fetch us to there..Thanks..!!

About 10.30am++,
we reached Sunway Lagoon..
The ticket worth RM60..
Oh no,
Spent a lots of money today..

After went into the park,
we going to put our bag
into locker,
RM5 for one locker,
but after close and can't open again..
Another locker have password,
and can open many times,
but it's worth RM15...
it is too expensive..

After thinking and thinking,
we decided to put bags into own locker
and Yean use the RM15 locker
and we put our wallet inside it..
It is convenience if we need to take
money or something..

Bags are finally put,
sunblock apply on the body too,
then it's our time to play..!!
First park is WATER PARK..
Nice to play those game..
Excited when playing..
Screaming when playing too..

I learn to swim in water,
but still cannot..
SO Lame..!!

When we walk in the water,
passed through the waterfall,
the water drop on our body,
like massaging our body,

The second park is
Wildlife park..
Watch parrot,chipmunk,
a type of monkey and others...
The monkey's hand look like
baby's small hand..
It's finger look familiar as human..
so cute..
It sleeping when we see it..
We touched it's hand and it move it's hand
away and din't wake up and continue to sleep,
really cute..!!!

After we go played
"Coffer cup",
and I'm so tired already,
finally can take a rest
then close my eyes when sitting on
the cup,
and we sit twice..
When we saw people playing the 360' Pirate Ship,
we felt shocked and scream loudly,
** Yean and Me are shout actually..

We tried Pirate Ship except Carina,
It is not that scary,
but when hanging in the air,
I shout loudly,
A bit scary and provocative~~

We played a lot of game at there..
At about 4pm++ (i think),
the sky start raining,
we caught in the rain and I had
a headache on the next day..

After that we bath and wear our dress
to go eat dinner at The Curve
with Yin Yung~

Four girls of us wear different kind of dress,
Four girls also very beautiful,
hehe, praising myself too..
But those guys wear T-shirt only,
not formal at all..

We ate our dinner at The Garden..
I'm ordered Tom Yam soup with rice,
quite yummy..
Carina and Kit gave some Dori fish and
Chicken Chop to me and let me try it,
it quite nice too..
really full already and tired..
I'm totally tired and tired..>.<

Yean thought want go watch movie-
"IP MAN 2 "
but no more tickets,
so we decided to go home
with our lazy body,
no more power to walk..

We chit chat a lot in the car
on the way home..
Yean fetch us to home one by one..
Thanks again to you..
One by one reached home,
First to home is
Pei Sze,
Kuan Siong,
Wai Keat,
Mun Choong,
Yin Yung,

After home,
chat with my family
about my fun day today
with my lazy voice..

After tidy myself,
I'm going to sleep,
so sleepy and can't
open my eyes to see already..

I get fun today,
I love you all, my dearest friends..!!!

- The END -