Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Ya, long time din't write blog..

English society organized
a Treasure Hunt 2day...
Ya, I'm joined it..
with Carina, Yean, Sze and Keat..
We are one team..
Our group name is..............

Before start, actually i got a bit nervous,
I scared we cant solve the problem,
really, nervous...

We start the game on 2.30pm++,
We get a clue from the beginning..
" Abode of Abdul Samad Said "
Don't know the name spell right or not..
he is a writer..
After we read the clue,
we all just rush to the library..
Omg, what the fish( R- Bin taught us de..)
Library at 4th floor,
Everyone suffer in breath..haha..

Then, after we get another clue,
we rush to the canteen..
" There has table and chair..
We can treat our stomachache there.."
Firstly we thought is bilik kesihatan,
but smart Wai Keat said it should be Canteen..
Then we rush to another direction to canteen..
Ooo, we slow already...

Then, another location is SAL room,
we need to solve crossword puzzle..
Oh god, we think and think,
finally we got the answers and
pass up the paper,
we are the fast one..!!

After that, we had a game at Anjung,
We need to spin our body by pointing the finger on floor
in 10 times,
it is quite difficult..
hey, we should not rush lah..
spin faster and we pengsan faster..
Yean is the 1st person passed the game..
After spinned the body, then cross the chair,
craw under the table and eat bitter gourd ( sap sap sui la )..
When I spinned my body until the 9 times,
I thought I spinned 10 already,
but the stupid teacher said 9 only,
then I break the rule and need to spin again..
really what the fish!!!
( I almost spinned 20++ times la..what the stupid teacher done for me)
I hate the teacher most la..a new teacher..but dumb..
heng>.< )

After that, we need to go SAL room again to find books..
we get slow in this section..
I'm sorry I cant do well in this section..
Yeah, finally end the game..
( Maybe we get no3..but still don't know the result la..)

This treasure hunt really test our knowledge and body strength,
we need to run everywhere..
huuu..really tired..

But i enjoyed it..!!!

After that, we went chit chat in Mc Donald,
talk talk talk about 2 hrs lo..
we also do homework at there..
really enjoyable..

thanks my friends
because gave me a good experienc
in treasure hunt in this school..
( 1st time joined in this school..)

~ Friedship 4ver

(P/S : Keat fell down after spinned his body..haha.. I need to hold
him but cant...haha..Ooops..sorry keat...wahaha...)