Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My life 2day!!

2 of March

I having my supper ytd,
a fried fish called 奶油非洲,
wao, very delicious and appetizing...!!
The fish is took by my sister from the
Restaurant LYJ- she works there...
Go eat it at the restaurant in sg.buloh,
very famous one..!!! ( proud~~ )

Erm, woke up at 6 o clock more in the morning,
still feel sleepy,
coz i slept at 3am ytd,
walao, so gila..
really have many homeworks ah,
do until midnight,
very very tired,
but luckily la,
can finished " them "...

The 1st lesson 2day is Sivik,
the useless subject,
waste my time oni..
i dun wan stay boring in the class,
so yin yung and I went told teacher tat we
wan to decorate the board of Pandu Puteri...

After tat, we went class to attend my BM class,
but on the way, we met our friendly teacher,
Puan Haznidah..
She told yin yung tat she terpilih to join the negeri camp,
wao, such a gud news for her...
but she decided not going there coz the exam is coming,
the camp held within 5 days from 3 of March,
it really not enough time to study if go join the camp,
but tis is really ke xi la,
it is a gud oppurtunity leh!!!
Pieu vee...

Then, we discuss the BM tropical test at class,
bincang about Rumusan,
wao, i can score 27 per 30,
it such gud newz for me,
gambateh!!! ( haha~~)

After recess i having my bio lesson,
they do the experiment while we all chinese chit-chat
at the next side.. wakaka.. so shuang~~
Teacher told us need to bring cockroach and worm at the next lesson,
worm is more easier to get it, but the lipas...
who can help me to find it..
any suggestions tat where can i find the dirty lipas...???!!!

After school, we talk about the *7676*
a guy tat i hate so much,
i haven't hate a person for so long,
bt he really very disgusting!!!
yuck!! i hate him>>>
This is the 1st time i saw this kind of ppl,
he can walk like a kangaroo,
really memalukan,
omg!!! ( hahahahahahaha!!! )