Thursday, June 4, 2009


As a mankind,
we should appreciate..
Appreciate love from
and others who had help you in your life..

a child that i knew,
he suddenly come and said to me,
" Jie jie, the pen you bought for me broken liao lo,
i used it for two years already.."
His talk made me think back,
that i got bought him a pen when he doing his homework few years ago..
Long long time ago,
i think the time gone so fast..
I got about two years din't teacher him do homework,
And he still remember me,
I really love him so much oh..

i asked him that how you will do for the broken pen,
then i told him that he should keep it,
" okay, i will keep it.."
i'm so happy when i heard his talk..
he really appreciate what i done for him..

He really a hardworking student,
he always do his homework,
and he learned my things..
I think he will become a successful person
later on..

" Gambateh, i will always remember you and
help you when you need my helps..!!! "