Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25.11.2009 { SPM }

Today as usual,
woke up at 6am..
Then tidy up myself,
and ready to school~~

Suddenly I had stomachache,
then went toilet,
so went out late and
let aunty wait for me,
really paiseh and sorry~~

after reached school,
still felt not well..
OMG, today had Add Maths papers,
I thought I will gonna died
already if i still felt not well..
Luckily is okay when started exam~~

After finished paper 1 at 10am,
due to paper 2 started on 2pm,
I went out with friends to eat..

As usual,
we sit Yean's car..
Boys sit J.Sheng's car..
We went Section 5..
I ate sizzling yee mee..
quite nice and delicious~~

At that moment,
we chit chat a lot~~
And talk loudly
And Yean always kacau J.Sheng
Then we laughed loudly~~

After that,
we went McDonald
to do revision..

Do revision at there quite good,
got air-cond
and we bought ice-cream to eat..
At there,
beside do revision
also chit chat a lot..
Yean always said something
that I want vomit,
We had a lot of fun on today~~

Then we sit our Paper 2..
Luckily I din't felt sleepy,
if not,
I will no mood to do the paper..
I'm like that,
I don't know how to change my attitude..

When sit Maths paper,
I really felt sleepy and
random choose the answer..
but few questions only..
Some more the question i know how to do
and choose random..OMG..


* Don't know why my computer cant upload photos in blogspot,
geram~~ >.<